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The Musion EYELINER really is TV material. Indeed, many people probaby only know of it, if at all, from extremely rare high-profile TV shows, such as Europe's formerly most successful Saturday show in German television "Wetten, dass...?", where the audience gets highly impressed. Nevertheless, the Musion EYELINER is a very exclusive product for specific and exclusive use.

Not exclusively, but for all events that have a stage you should consider an EYELINER. It is suitable for example for live concerts, like the Gorillaz at the MTV Awards in Lisbon. 

How it works

Between stage and auditorium, a transparent special film is stretched at an angle of 45°. It is almost invisible to the audience, everything that happens on the stage can still be seen. Now the specific content (even for this we can produce content) is projected on the ground. The audience doesn't see this projection directly, but only indirectly as a reflection in the film. However, to the human eye, this is not a "reflection on a film" but the brain rather interprets this phenomenon as a floating image in the air.

Like this, a kind of mixed image of the real action on stage (actors, backgrounds, objects,... ) and the reflection in the film is created, for example a "genie out of the bottle“, which mixes with the real image. Or how about letting your product hover in oversize and rotate next to the real standing host on stage? A perfect presentation! The distinction between projection and real happening is actually more than difficult. 

Live Demonstration

Watch the "water show LAKO 2012" on YouTube.com to demonstrate just one of the countless application areas. The dancer is moving in real on the stage, the water was initially created as a 3D computer animated film and was then reflected during the show in the special Musion EYELINER film.

Idea, composition and realisation by Martin Weick and Martin Kolb. Live performance by  Louis Sayago (Nationaltheater Mannheim)

Since the effect is difficult to describe in words, we would like to invite you to a live demonstration in our showroom to Schwetzingen! Arrange a non-committal appointment with us.

Click here for numerous video examples.

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