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That is no longer an issue. Just push your direction unit to the desired location, cover off,  connect power, and voila, your mobile production unit is practically set up. Long gone are the days of never ending cabling, hauling, unpacking and setting up numerous individual cases.

Up to 4 HD camera production units can be managed and operated by this compact all-rounder. And you don‘t have to forgo any features which belong to a fully-fledged, professional picture direction and/or camera direction.

Riedel Intercom System

A sensible direction unit naturally calls for a reliable high-end radio intercom system. The Artist intercom system by Riedel sets the standard in this sector and can be installed into the rent4event direction case. Learn more about the Radio intercom system by Riedel Artist

HD video mixer Panasonic AV-HS450

Provided with 16 HD/SD-SDI inputs, 2 DVI inputs,  4 HD/SD-SDI and 2 DVI outputs you will be optimally equipped with the Panasonic AV-HS450. The dual screen multi-viewer allows for up to 16 pictures on one or 20 pictures on two screens. Generally the left side of the mobile camera direction is reserved for the vision mixer whereas the right side of the camera direction is set aside predominantly for fine-tuning like aperture etc.

Recording via AJA KiPro

Needless to say, apart from live video editing  and/or live video production, it is no trouble at all for our mobile camera direction to record the program at the same time, if required.  The integrated KiPro HD recorders by AJA are reliably recording the entire HD material and can be handled as simply as a classic tape recorder, however, the recording itself happens digitally on a hard disk of course.


Barco ImagePRO HD

With the Barco ImagePRO HD you have implemented in your mobile camera direction an all-in-one video scaler by means of which you can convert any input format into any output format. Furthermore, the ImagePRO HD also provides you with HDCP and EDID management plus USB backup and recovery.


Full camera rigs Sony HXC-100 or HSC-100R

Naturally, the best mobile camera direction would not be that meaningful if the supplied footage was less than first class. Therefore, we also offer the most suited and optimized cameras for our direction case simultaneously with Sony full camera rigs HSC-100 and/or HXC-100.

And so much more ...

It would somewhat go beyond the scope of this page to list all details of mobile camera direction. And what with the Rosendahl nanosync HD T clock and/or time code generator, the Smart video hub 40 x 40 crossbar or the 32" class A preview monitor. Every now and then we install new features in our direction case. You are welcome to contact us anytime about the current status of our mobile camera direction equipment.

Please refer to the PDF on mobile camera direction (german only) for further information.

If you should have further questions concerning our mobile camera direction, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Apart from this mobile (up to) 4-production units HD camera direction unit you will find more Production technology here or have a look at our current Rental price list.

Even if we talk rental park here (dry hire), you can of course book professional staff for assembly and dismantling in addition to all our products and equipment or a supervisor during your events, not only for production technology and/or mobile camera direction.

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