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Hire Barco E2

With the Barco E2 you hire a presentation system that sets new benchmarks when it comes to live screen management. With an exceptional image quality and an input and output density leaving nothing to be desired, the Barco E2 screen management system is currently the only one on the market which can handle cross-fading of 4 projectors with an update rate of up to 60 Hz. Eight mixable PGM outputs and four scaled AUX outputs make full centralized control possible by using only a single system.

You are hiring a 4K presentation switcher with a native 4K input and output. Pixel processing is impressive: no matter if the outputs are native or scaled, if two of four ports are used, the Barco E2 screen management system convincingly masters them all.


Native 4K in- and outputs of the Barco E2

All in all the Barco E2 presentation switcher provides 28 inputs and 14 outputs (8 x PGM, 2 x multi-viewer and 4 x scaled AUX outputs). Thus, far-reaching controlling options have definitely been provided for, including 8 independent PIP mixers and one dedicated multi-viewer.

The Barco E2 system is absolutely complete and convincing in itself and in most cases more than sufficient, however, it can be expanded: due to the multiple connection options directly to the casing of the Barco E2, no external proceedings or wires are required for the distribution of signals.  In addition, inputs and layers can be expanded accordingly, which will enable the Barco E2 in future to even manage a mixture of up to 32 4K-projectors.

Anyone thinking that such a multitude of features and ports must surely come at the expense of robustness is fortunately mistaken. The Barco E2 has been developed particularly for live events. Its compact design with only 4 RU together with its dual, redundant power supply ensures that it is extremely reliable in action on the road


Easy Control of the Barco E2

The cross-platform and easy to use touchscreen user interface of the Barco E2 screen management system is an absolute pleasure to work with. The device stores presets which also make an easy control of equipment of third-party providers possible. Moreover, several users can simultaneously operate the control of E2 and via API, programmers can independently create programmes and interfaces.

The modular design of the Barco E2 makes it easy for users to add new input and output cards in order to support future interfaces. This results in a further positive side effect of the modular design: the ease of maintainability of the Barco E2.


Barco E2 - Hire a flexible layer management system

Barco's E2 system offers a truly flexible system to manage layers. Initially the E2 starts with a non-scaled, pixel accurate background layer at full resolution (same resolution as the screen target). Due to the fact that in HD up to 32 layers are available, the Barco E2 adjusts die configuration of layers to your requirements. Create PIP or key effects in HD, dual link or 4K resolution. You keep track of the available resources at all times as every target is assigned dedicated layers. Every target can support a combination of individual layers, mixers, PIPs, keys, and differently sized layers which form a single image during output.

All details concerning hiring the Barco E2 screen management system you will find on the  Data sheet.


Hire the compatible Barco EC-50 event controller

Optionally we recommend to hire the Barco EC-50 event controller in order to navigate the E2 in a more comfortable way. Its most important features at a glance:

  • Full control USB device for Event-Master-GUI
  • Internal 15.6" touchscreen with 10 point multi-touch
  • 36 individually programmable buttons with adjustable LCD
  • 8 special layer choice buttons and corresponding button for background layer
  • 12 user-definable destination keys to control several sides
  • High-resolution T-lever

If you should have further questions regarding the Barco E2 screen management system, please don't hesitate to contact us

In addition to the Barco E2 screen management system or Barco EC-50 event-controller you will find even more video- and data mixer here or take a look at our current rental price list.

Although we refer to our 'rental park' here (dry hire), you can, of course, book competent staff for assembly and dismantling or an event manager additionally to all our products and equipment, not only for Barco E2 / Barco EC-50 or video-/data mixers in general.

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