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Hire Neuland pin boards

Neuland GmbH in Eichenzell/Germany – true to its name – breaks new ground.  In previous years, Neuland has reinvented conference equipment in many ways: its products are so functional and so well thought out and yet so straightforward that you sometimes ask yourself why nobody thought of it before – e.g. to invent a pin board which is easy to transport, quickly assembled and at the same time robust. No wonder that Neuland products are appreciated around the world.

It is thus hardly surprising that we are proud to be the “official Neuland partner for rental products”.   

We are convinced: Once you have hired Neuland products you will miss them afterwards.



The pleasure to hire Neuland pin boards ...

... starts already with the transport. In case you should decide to just hire our Neuland pin boards EuroPin® MC and to pick them up yourself instead of having them delivered by us, you will have the choice between comfortable Neuland pin board carry bags (contains one Neuland EuroPin® MC pin board each, for small quantities) or a compact flight case, which provides space for five Neuland pin boards. Greater quantities of Neuland EuroPin® MC pin boards will be packed in boxes containing five pin boards each and stacked on pallets. If required, they will be delivered by rent4event lorry or forwarding agent.

When inquiring about hiring Neuland EuroPin® MC pin boards please note to already then inform us directly about local conditions, if applicable, or your transport facilities if you should decide to pick up your hired pin boards yourself.

The flight case containing five Neuland pin boards has the dimensions 135×58×103 cm (length x width x height) and thus should be able to still fit into nearly every elevator. If not, it might possibly make more sense to resort to our practical Neuland pin board carry bags when hiring Neuland pin boards.



Neuland EuroPin® MC: hire pin boards and assemble them yourself?

As mentioned earlier, you can not only hire premium Neuland EuroPin® pin boards but also have them delivered and assembled by us. Even if you should decide to perform the extremely straightforward assembly yourself, it takes just a few simple steps which are completely tool-free as you can see on the pictures on your left (please click to enlarge).

(1) Unfold the feet of the Neuland pin board while it is still in the case or in the carry bag by pressing the red locking device whilst pulling out the feet.

(2) Press the locking button of the Neuland EuroPin® MC pin board with your fingers and thus loosen the board from its anchoring. Then extend the feet of the pin board until you hear a click.

(3) Now you only have to flip open the upper pin board segment, push the anchoring into its mounting position and voilà, your hired Neuland pin board EuroPin®is ready for action.

(4) Needless to say that the disassembly – surprise, surprise – works accordingly. :-)



Hire Neuland Pin boards from rent4event – the official partner of Neuland for rental products

If you attach importance to hiring premium Neuland pin boards, whether single-handedly in regard to pick up, assembly/disassembly or gladly including our full service: hiring pin boards – having them delivered & assembled – having them disassembled & picked up, rent4event is the right place for you. With the Neuland pin board EuroPin® MC you are hiring German quality work with world-class decades of tradition, not just anywhere but from the official Neuland partner for rental products since 1st January 2017.

However many participants there may be – our quality keeps up.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will be happy to advise you.


Hire pin boards now

You would like to hire Neuland EuroPin® MC pin boards directly?

Click here for our Price list for Neuland rental products.

Please call us at (+49) (0)6202-127550, send a fax inquiry at (+49) (0)6202-127555 or send us a note, including the following information:

  • Specify rental articles and their quantity
  • Would you like to purchase optional items (paper, pins for pin boards, marker,...)
  • Date/number of operating days
  • Postcode/location of event
  • Delivery/pick up, assembly/disassembly required? If yes, specify days

You still have questions regarding our Neuland pin boards (sometimes called Metaplan boards or presentation boards)? Please contact us.

In addition to Neuland pin boards EuroPin® MC you will find further Neuland rental products or more Conference equipment here or take a look at our current Price list for Neuland rental products.

Even if we are talking about ‘rental park’ here (dry hire), you can of course book the equivalent staff for the assembly and disassembly of all our products additionally, not only when hiring Neuland pin boards.

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