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Hire Neuland pin boards, flipcharts graphic walls and whiteboards

Since 1st January 2017, rent4event GmbH is the official Neuland partner for rental products. For decades, original Neuland products, like pin boards, flipcharts, graphic walls and whiteboards have convinced an actual fan base of Neuland’s exceptional product quality.

While Neuland GmbH & Co. KG in Eichenzell/Germany is focusing even more on the development of innovative products, you may now trust in us as the one German "official Neuland partner for rental products". A symbiosis of competence and experience which will continue to convince you in matters of quality, reliability and service.  

Whether small or large quantities: with more than 600 pin boards (also called Metaplan boards or presentation boards), over 100 flipcharts, graphic walls and whiteboards – in addition to related accessories and associated consumables for sale – we are perfectly equipped for your order.

We do not just deliver within Germany but even worldwide, if you so wish.

Neuland pin board EuroPin® MC

  • Foldable professional pin board –  comfortable assembly, no tools required
  • Extendible legs and foldable stand, no loose components
  • Ultralight aluminium design (7 kg)
  • Powder-coated aluminium frame, carrying handle
  • Work surface: felt cloth laminated rigid foam board, colour: anthracite
  • Transport size: 126.5×81 cm (width x height)
  • Total size: 126.5×193 cm (width x height)
  • Work surface: 118.5×146 cm (width x height)

Price list PDF   +more infos

Neuland flipchart EuroFlip®

  • Neuland's best seller among portable flipcharts
  • Easy and fast assembly, no tools required – no loose components
  • With only 7 kg a true lightweight, powder-coated, grey aluminium
  • Work surface: felt cloth laminated rigid foam board, colour: anthracite
  • Pen/marker shelf, paper holder, tear-away cap, crib holder
  • Transport size: 76.5×109 cm (width x height)
  • Total size: 76.5×187 cm (width x height)
  • Work surface: 72×99 cm (width x height)

Price list PDF   +more infos

Neuland Graphic Wall LW-X / LW-X Comfort

  • Professional specialized board system for visualizers
  • Horizontal work surface – 4 board components – 2 mounts
  • Modular design for easy transport, reduced to minimum dimensions, in a convenient, wheeled flight case
  • 4 board components made of paperback rigid foam board, aluminium profile support
  • Pen/marker shelf in the lower part of the board
  • Work surface: anthracite-coloured felt cloth, mount: textured black/anodised, height-adjustable
  • Work surfice dimensions: 296 x 118,5 cm (per board: 74 x 118,5 cm)
  • Picture shows LW-X. The Comfort version of the GraphicWall LW-X additionaly comes with endless paper functionality. More details below and in the price list.

Price list PDF   +more infos

Neuland Graphic Wall V3 and GraphicWall V3 XL

  • Neuland's 3rd generation GraphicWall
  • Available as standard version and XL version (3 or 5 board elements)
  • Folds in itself to transform into a highly portable size
  • Breakable rolls
  • No tools needed for assembling
  • Height adjustable, ability to use both sides
  • Black laminated hard foam surface
  • Work surface dimensions V3: 245 x 122 cm (W x H) or V3 XL: 408 x 122 cm (W x H)
  • Comes with 100 pin needles, extra thin

Price list PDF   +more infos

Neuland Whiteboard LW-11 Slide, mobile

  • Features a high quality steel enameled, magnetic whiteboard surface on both sides for greater flexibility
  • The whiteboard is dry-erasable and perfect to write with Whiteboard Markers (see Neuland price list)
  • The feet maybe removed for easy transportation
  • The 4 smooth running caster wheels allow the LW-11 to be mobile

Price list PDF   +more infos

Neuland Accessories & Consumables optionally for sale

  • Markers & Pens
  • Paper for pin boards & flipcharts
  • Moderation cards
  • Pins for pin boards
  • and much more
  • For detailed information please refer to our price list for Neuland products:

Price list PDF

The following applies to Neuland rental products as well as to all other items of our rental park:

If you should fail to find the equipment or the desired configuration you are looking for, if you have questions of a general nature or regarding our Neuland pin board, flipchart and graphic wall range in particular, please contact us. We will certainly find a solution for your request.

When it comes to hiring original Neuland rental products, like pin boards, flipcharts and graphic walls, we are the right contact partner for you! 

Click here for our Price list for Neuland products as PDF.

The full Neuland range of products and accessories can be found on the Neuland website www.Neuland.com

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