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LED Trailers for 16:9 LED walls with 16.8 m² and 21.6 m²

In many cases the use of an LED trailer is preferable to a conventional LED wall system. Even if it does not make a world of difference, it might possibly be worthwhile to consider an LED trailer.


The advantages are obvious: 


  • Quick assembly: The wall may be assembled and made ready for use in less than an hour and by just one person. This is owed to the fact that the entire wall inside the trailer has been pre-assembled and is already almost completely wired. The wall is merely divided into three horizontal segments which can be assembled conveniently via an easy to operate rail system. The hydraulic system will lift the wall subsequently up to the desired height.  

  • Lower costs due to less manpower-hours. If required, lower dry hire costs thanks to quick assembly and dismantling. 

  • In case of emergency, for instance, a storm gathering suddenly, the wall can be easily dismantled and/or retracted to a safe height. 

  • 6mm Ektavision LVM 6C-Q module (see below) for brilliant image quality



We offer the following dimensions:


21.6 m²   (619.2 cm  x  348.3 cm)

16.8 m²   (541.8 cm  x  309.6 cm)


The total weight of the trailer is less than 3.5 tons. Construction book and TÜV (German security monitoring) available. We give you a detailed introduction into the usage of the trailer if you don't want to hire technicians from us.

For further information, read the PDF about LED trailer rental or contact us

We are looking forward to your phone call.

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