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The Neuland graphic wall LW-X and the graphic wall LW-X comfort by Neuland makes the heart of true visualizers skip a beat. On a work surface with a width of nearly 3 meters quite a lot of your ideas, thoughts and visions can be put down on paper.  Particularly when hiring the comfort version of the Neuland graphic wall LW-X you can resort to up to 25 meters of white continuous paper, which – as the name "graphic wall LW-X comfort" already suggests – may be conveniently unrolled. Like that you will bring your ideas, plans, mind maps, and thoughts to paper in a jiffy.


Modular design of the graphic wall LW-X

Thanks to its modular design and disassembly of the Neuland graphic wall LW-X, transporting a tool which is seemingly massive when in use, is however surprisingly easy.  Moreover,  the assembly of the graphic wall is not difficult at all and may be managed even by a single person in just a few minutes.

Included in delivery are also – apart from the only required tool (a 4mm Allen key) -  easily understandable assembly instructions. And should there still be uncertainties, contrary to expectations, just watch this three minute Neuland video, which vividly demonstrates the assembly of the Neuland graphic wall LW-X.

The four board elements are in the lower part of the box; on the upper level you will find all other required components. The illustration shows the scope of delivery of the Neuland graphic wall LW-X comfort, including a 25m continuous paper roll (optional).


What you can expect when hiring a Neuland graphic wall LW-X ...

...is for a start generally the proven quality Neuland has been standing for more than 30 years and has been appreciated for nearly as long worldwide. The working surface of the height-adjustable graphic wall has the dimensions of 296 x  118,5 cm if all 4 elements are used (equals 74 x 118,5 cm each board). For less work space, please feel free to vary by assembling fewer board elements as required.

The individual graphic wall board elements consist of anthracite-coloured felt cloth covered rigid foam boards which provide a similarly ideal surface for writing, use as pin board or flipchart. The frames of the Neuland graphic wall LW-X and LW-X comfort consist of premium and elegant aluminium profiles – lightweight and yet robust. Each of the 4 boards is equipped with a pen shelf in the lower section to comfortably deposit markers there if not needed.


Differences between graphic wall LW-X and LW-X comfort

To start with both versions of the Neuland graphic wall LW-X are identical. You are hiring a complete graphic wall system each time, which should leave nothing to be desired for true visualisers, think tanks and mind mappers. You are dealing with the same product in both cases, as you can see on the picture on the left (click to enlarge).

In both circles you see the LW-X comfort version. Instead of the left and right end strip, a continuous paper holder will be mounted on the left and right side, which is not included in the scope of delivery of the standard model. Insert the optional 25 meter continuous paper roll into the right holder and pull it to the left onto the cardboard roll, fix the beginning of the paper roll with the supplied masking tape and now by simply cranking you can conjure up fresh white paper for your ideas.


Hire Neuland graphic walls from rent4event – the official partner of Neuland for rental products

If you attach importance to hiring premium Neuland graphic walls, whether single-handedly in regard to pick up, assembly/disassembly or gladly including our full service: hiring graphic walls – having them delivered & assembled – having them disassembled & picked up, rent4event is the right place for you. With the Neuland graphic wall LW-X you are hiring German quality work with world-class decades of tradition, not just anywhere but from the official Neuland partner for rental products since 1st January 2017.

However many participants there may be – our quality keeps up.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will be happy to advise you.


Hire graphic walls now

You would like to hire Neuland graphic walls directly?

Click here for our Price list for Neuland rental products.

Please call us at (+49) (0)6202-127550, send a fax inquiry at (+49) (0)6202-127555 or send us a note, including the following information:

  • Specify rental articles and their quantity
  • Would you like to purchase optional items (paper, pins for pin boards, marker,...)
  • Date/number of operating days
  • Postcode/location of event
  • Delivery/pick up, assembly/disassembly required? If yes, specify days

You still have questions regarding our Neuland graphic walls? Please contact us.

In addition to Neuland graphic walls LW-X and LW-X comfort you will find further Neuland rental products or more Conference equipment here or take a look at our current Price list for Neuland rental products.

Even if we are talking about ‘rental park’ here (dry hire), you can of course book the equivalent staff for the assembly and disassembly of all our products additionally, not only when hiring Neuland graphic walls.

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