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Apart from the GraphicWall LW-X (and the Comfort version) the GraphicWall V3 by Neuland is our second GraphicWall option. The essential difference as compared to GraphicWall LW-X is that the V3 wall is positioned upright and not slightly inclined. With the advantage that you will be able to use it on both sides. Moreover, GraphicWall V3 is mounted on castors equipped with brakes and can thus be comfortably moved and turned. Unlike the LW-X/LW-X Comfort, it is not laminated with felt cloth but the board elements consist of black paperback hard foam. If you hire our GraphicWall V3 or its bigger brother GraphicWall V3 XL, you will receive a pack of 100 extra fine pin board needles free of charge. These needles are particularly suited for the elegant surface of the V3 / V3 XL.



As with all our articles, we make a non-binding rental request real easy for you. Apart from contacting us by phone for detailed questions which may arise, we recommend to simply fill in our  Contact form  so that we are know about essential key data of your planned event. Then we will be able to promptly draw up a comprehensive and, of course, non-binding rental offer for you.

After your GraphicWall V3 has finally been delivered to the desired location, its assembly is child's play. Thanks to its sophisticated design, this task can be accomplished by just one person. You don't even need additional tools. Just lift the wall out of its rolling transport case, unfold it, fixate it – and voila, your hired Neuland GraphicWall V3 is ready for action.

You have the choice to either use all three board elements or – if you leave the V3 folded up – use it as a pinboard.


Hire the GraphicWall V3 XL - if it needs to be a little larger

If the dimensions of the regular 3-boarded GraphicWall V3 is not large enough for your purposes, you might be happier with the larger version: Neuland GraphicWall V3 XL. It comes with 5 boards instead of 3, which means 66% more working surface: 408 x 122 cm (W x H). Please mention the exact version (regular or XL) when hiring the GraphicWall V3.




Assembled and entirely spread out, the Neuland GraphicWall V3 is 258 cm wide. The height of the top edge amounts to either 190, 200, 210 or 220 cm depending on the set height. The feet have a depth of 65 cm. The work surface measures 245×122 cm. With a weight of only 13 kg, the GraphicWall V3 is a true lightweight but due to its design,  nevertheless,  surprisingly robust with secure standing.

Download our Rental price list for Neuland products here.


You still have questions regarding our Neuland graphic walls? Please contact us.

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Even if we are talking about ‘rental park’ here (dry hire), you can of course book the equivalent staff for the assembly and disassembly of all our products additionally, not only when hiring Neuland graphic walls.

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