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Hire the Sunvote voting system EA4000T – an interactive upgrading for every event

More often than not, new ideas arise with new opportunities. The audience response system Sunvote EA4000T does not only provide quite a diversity of ideas but also makes their implementation just as simple.  Your audience, visitors or guests will thank you with  increased attention. Because an interactively involved spectator shows significantly increased attention compared to someone only listening. 

We have many ideas to involve your audience by means of survey handled with an audience response system. For example:  

  • Which aspects of the new product are in need of more clarification? Query this topic using the audience response system and respond dynamically to the answers. The result is an optimized talk tuned to your audience's open questions.
  • How well does the staff know the company?  A small raffle relaxes the atmosphere and motivates the staff.
  • Customer satisfaction analysis: By offering an anonymous vote an audience response system encourages guests to give straightforward answers.
  • And many more applications



Import voting results directly to Powerpoint

The operating principle of the audienbce response system by Sunvote is simply ingenious and at the same time ingeniously simple. Every one of your spectators gets the handy, lightweight voting machine Reply® Interact with the size of a credit card at the beginning of your event. As soon as the facilitator asks a relevant question, the units will be activated. Now the visitor may make his opinion or response known by simply pressing a key.

Via WLAN, the audience response system collects responses in a matter of seconds. The responses will be imported directly to PowerPoint via software plugin where they can be immediately formatted into appealing charts and diagrams. On request, the survey results can then be shown to the audience (e.g. by projector onto a screen).  


When hiring the audience response system Sunvote EA4000T and/or the handy voting machine Reply® Interact – equipped with an LCD display – there will truly be nothing left to be desired where an interactive presentation of your event is concerned:

  • Single and multiple choice answers are possible
  • Fast processing of voting: Up to 2000 votes recorded in under 18 seconds (more than 2000 possible by simply combine multiple receivers)
  • Voting sender Reply® Interact equipped with LCD display
  • Wi-Fi technology
  • Direct import of voting results to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Personalized (e.g. for raffles) or anonymous voting (e.g. for polls) possible

Find further information about the audience response system sender Reply® Interact in the brochure or the technical specifications.

The SunVote EA4000T base station is the receiver of this audience response system (Wireless Data Receiver). 2.4 GHz RF technology, a range of 100+ meters and a management of 2000 voting senders. Combine several receivers SunVote EA4000T to enable more than 2000 voters. For further information about the SunVote base station or this audience response system in general, feel free to get in contact with us.

If you should have further questions concerning our Sunvote audience response system please contact us.

Apart from the TED audience response system Sunvote EA4000T you will find more conference technology here or have a look at our current rental rate list.

Even if we talk rental park here (dry hire), you can of course book professional staff for assembly and dismantling in addition to all our products and equipment or as a supervisor during your events, not only for audience response systems.

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