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The Interpreter's Booth Audipack Silent MK9300II – Indispensable for Speakers & Interpreters


On many an event, meeting, conference, etc., you will unfortunately not be able to enjoy the comfort of a separate, permanently installed, shielded room for interpreters / translators. Instead, due to local conditions,  they have to be housed in the same hall as the actual event.

That does not have to be a disadvantage, however, thanks to the Audipack interpreter's booth. As the speaker's booth / interpreter's booth MK9300II comfortably provides space for two interpreters and shields them reliably from disturbing external noise. Thus, nothing gets in the way of the simultaneous interpreters' smooth performance.

At the same time, the actual event will not be affected by the speakers and interpreters whereas the integrated window ensures optimal visual contact from inside the interpreter‘ s booth.

Your enjoyment already starts with the assembly as the module-based design of the speaker's booth may also be installed by only one person even if two people are recommended. There are two openings for the cabling (e.g. of the Bosch interpreter system DCN Integrus), one integrated table and room for 2 chairs. Due to the integrated ventilation, a fresh air supply is always provided for.

Needless to say, the light-gray Audipack interpreter's booth complies with ISO 4043 for mobile booths. With a total weight of 210 kg a safe stand of the booth is ensured and with its measurements of 1.68×1.68 m (and over 2 m in height) there should not be any space problems.

If you should also require an equivalent interpreter system perfectly matched to the interpreter's booth, we recommend to take a look at the Bosch DCN Integrus

Additional information on the Interpreter's booth Audipack Silent MK9300II you will find in this PDF

If you should have further questions regarding our interpreter's booth Audipack Silent MK9300II please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Even if we talk rental park here (dry hire), you can of course book professional staff for assembly and dismantling in addition to all our products and equipment or as a supervisor during your events not only in regard to interpreters' booths and/or interpreting technology.

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