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Rent a lectern

There are many lecterns. Even some for rent. But do they actually meet your demand regarding functionality, visual appearance, effects, and creative options? By renting the lectern MK46 – developed by  rent4event itself – you get yourself a speaker‘ s desk that meets all of these requirements.

The lectern MK46 with integrated LCD Display

The reasons why we at rent4event acted coyly and could not really agree on buying a particular lectern are manifold. Which design is suited for most events? Which is the most frequently requested colour? What else may add value to a lectern? We did not come across even a single convincing offer during our research.  That is why we decided to develop a lectern ourselves, taking all our expertise and experience into account in order to rent it out gladly and with a clear conscience.

The design of the MK46 lectern is intentionally plain and simple. This provides the exact required basic neutrality, enabling the renting party to create the desired impression and effect of the lectern himself – thanks to the integrated LCD display.  95% of the lectern’s visual appearance is based on the contents of the 46” LCD display. Here logos, colour moods and patterns may be presented together with, for instance, variable content. How about fading in the name of the current speaker? Or additional information on the present topic? The sky is practically the limit for possibilities and creative ideas.

Renting the lectern MK46 – also quite practical

The lectern is not only most enjoyable in its assembled state but also in transit due to its strikingly convenient handling. The practical flightcase contains both panels and the Samsung ME46C 46" LCD display. The powder-coated black Truss piece is included in a handy bag.

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