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Rent Camera accessories & camera equipment

On this page you will find everything all around camera accessories. This includes camera equipment such as various camera optics, a high-quality Sachtler pumping tripod, video transmission paths, teleprompters, lite panels and more. Ask us for the required camera equipment, we can certainly help you. 


  • Canon DIGISUPER 95 New-generation long-zoom HD field lens
  • enhanced optical performance and extended operational flexibilities
  • 8.6-820 mm 1:1.7, from Wide Angel to Telephoto
  • CAFS (Constant Angle Focusing System)
  • Support for many virtual systems

Canon HJ14es4.3B IASE

  • Canon HJ14ex4.3B IASE HDTV lens
  • Canon's widest portable HDTV lens
  • Power Optics – superb imagery with latest optical design
  • focal range of 4.3 mm to 60 mm (120 mm with extender)
  • switchable between 16:9 and 4:3
  • Enhanced Digital Drive technology

Fujinon HA42x9.7 BERD U-48

  • HD-lens, 9.7-410mm (1x); 19.4-820mm (2x)
  • Digi power technology
  • 2x extender
  • Quick zoom and cruise zoom
  • One shot preset 

Canon J33ax11B4 IAS SX12 - 33x objective

  • HD-lens, 11-363mm (1x); 22-726mm (2x)
  • 2x extender

Sachtler Vario Pedestal 2-75

  • 75kg working load - the strongest in its class
  • incl. Sachtler 25P or 90 head
  • Altitude range 66 to 143cm - 77cm pillar hub
  • Crab & Steer function for easy maneuver and defined cornering
  • Air filling with air-pump or compressor. Pressure control valve avoids damage to the pillar. Low cost of operation due to air filling.

Swit FLOW2000 video transmission set

  • HD camera transmitter and receiver set
  • up to 600 meters distance (2000 ft) under best circumstances
  • Is also able to send thru walls
  • Swit FLOW2000 TX transmitter and Swit FLOW2000 RX receiver
  • OLED display

Teleprompter Stage Pro 17

  • The StagePro 17" teleprompter are state-of-the-art presentation prompters
  • The screen can be raised up to half the height of the rack

Litepanels 1x1 D-Spot

  • Illumination without edges and shades
  • Standard color temperature: 5600°K
  • Only 44mm thick
  • 12" diagonal (30.48cm)
  • Steady, flicker-free light
  • LED technology generates no heat and has a long life span

Litepanels LP 20+

  • Illumination without edges and shades
  • Standard color temperature: 5600°K
  • integrated battery
  • Steady, flicker-free light
  • LED technology generates no heat and has a long life span

Chromatte LiteRing background fabric

  • Keying within seconds
  • The Chromatte fabric of Reflecmedia is designed for optimal use together with the LiteRing
  • The LiteRing is a ring with LEDs, which is mounted in front of the camera lens. This is the only light source that is requeired to illuminate the background of the Chromatte in chroma key production
  • 360cm x 205cm

ReflecMedia LiteRing green

  • Keying within seconds
  • The LiteRing is attached to the camera with a specially made adaptor ring which is screwed in the internal thread of the camera lens, similar to the customary adaptor rings, which is known from photography
  • The LiteRing is pushed on the adaptor and is simply fixed with a screw. This enables quick removing of the ring between shots

As with all other products in our rental park, following also applies to camera equipment:

In case you should not have found your favored equipment or products in the required configuration, no matter if you have general or specific questions regarding our camera equipment and camera technics, please contact us.

We will certainly find the right solution for your request.


When it comes to hiring camera equipment and camera technics we are the right contact for you!


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