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Business forum in the Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt – since 2003

In 2017, at the annual business forum in Frankfurt, the cooperative banks and local rural cooperatives invited once again 2500 small and medium-sized businesses to the Jahrhunderthalle. This event is hosted by the cooperative union – association of regions (German registered association) located in Neu-Isenburg. Apart from exciting topics presented during the event each year, the association also shows brilliant interpersonal skills when it comes to winning exciting and competent guests for enthralling conversations and panels.

In 2017 the topic was "stability and safety: the middle class in dynamic times". Sandra Maischberger and Udo van Kampen moderated entertainingly and competently during an  enjoyable and informative afternoon. Among others they welcomed as guests:

Dr. Klaus von Dohnanyi (German lawyer and SPD politician), Carsten Spohr (chairman of the management board Deutsche Lufthansa AG), Prof. Dieter Kempf (President of the Federation of German Industry e.V.), Dr. Vitali Klitschko (former boxing champion and acting mayor of Kiev), Linus Neumann (spokesman of the Chaos Computer Club e.V.), Sabine Linz (founder of the online jeweller Ammonic), Sir Christopher Clark (Regius Professor of History at the University of Cambridge), and General Volker Wieker (Inspector General of the German Armed Forces).

Three exciting show interludes performed by the artist group "Firedancer" put the finishing touches on the event.

The location is the same every year – all the more the client takes care that the stage setting will surprise and convince every year anew. Martin Gottschall, manager of CON MOTO events GmbH, has been taking on the complete conception and planning of the event. We at rent4event are happy to have been able to contribute for the past 15 years, ensuring smooth and professional proceedings in the sectors video, projection, camera and production technology. In 2017 we additionally supplied the entire Intercom system for all subsections, using Riedel Bolero and Riedel Artist.

Sometimes the stage design is rather a major task for carpenters and set builders and other times the setting consists mainly of LED and projected elements. Every time we are looking excitedly forward to new challenges. We love particularly those ideas which, at first glance, seem to be tricky as far as their implementation is concerned. At the business forum in 2012, for instance, the challenge for us was to set up more than 10 LED surfaces of most diverse sizes, formats and proportions on and next to the stage which – as different as they were in regard to shape and design – nevertheless were supposed to be synchronized with each other in order to play the same type of content. Not an every-day-task but of course not impossible either.

Also 2017 saw a stage design focussing for the major part on LED modules. A 'flying', curved LED wall of 23 meters width and more than 3 meters height was set up across the entire length of the stage. The desired arc-angle initially turned out to pose a problem. The LED module manufacturer was unable to supply the respectively angled levelling wedges for precisely this level. Thus we had to switch to in-house production, producing self designed parts (in significant quantities) by means of CAD software and 3D printer. An effort definitely worthwhile as you can see in the pictures.

Images were played onto the gigantic, curved LED wall and onto both side projections – which were not exactly small either with their screens amounting to 8 x 3 meters – with Pandoras Box and the Barco E2 event processor. The content consisted of pre-produced clips on the one hand and on the other hand of live camera images which we captured with three HD cameras and one pole cam. The live video edit as well as the recording we completed comfortably using a mobile production case designed by us.

We are looking forward to be part of the team again in 2018!


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