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The Bavarian State Exhibition 2014, entitled with Wir sind Kaiser! (We are emperor!) took place in three locations spreaded in the beautiful city of Regensburg. At one of those, the Minorites Church/Saint Ulrich at the cathedral, we serviced as the technical general contractor and were responsible for the entire design in the areas of lighting, sound and video.

From 16 May to 2 November 2014, the 25 minute show was held several times a day. It consisted of a Musion EYELINER projection for the plot and the actors in the foreground, implemented by the powerful Panasonic DZ-21, as well as a triple soft edge projection for the background using 3 x Christie HD10K-M.

In a specially designed control room the contribution and the overall control of the show happened almost automatically with the Pandoras Box Media Manager, Server Pro and Widget Designer Pro. This included not only the temporal exactly defined start of the show several times a day, but also the control of the illumination of the entire interior of the church. The illumination changed constantly depending on the show or show break to create or highlight a desired mood.

During the exhibition period the show, which was sort of a holographic film screening, was shown about 2500 times.

The cabaret artist and television presenter Christoph Suess acted as a performer in Regensburg, both as a narrator and in different historical roles. He was already awarded with the Bavarian Television Award for moderating the program quer and participated in German films such as Zettl and Beste Gegend.


We thank the city of Regensburg for the trust and the great cooperation!

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