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Southside Festival & Hurricane Festival 2015

From June 19th to 21st, 2015 both festivals Southside and Hurricane took place again simultaneously in Neuhausen ob Eck and Scheessel, where about 60,000 enthusiastic fans each were partying to almost 90 different acts.

Even the line-up was partly the same, so that for example, headliners like Placebo, Florence + The Machine or Marteria had to manage quite quickly the distance of about 700 km between the two venues, and our ROE MC-18 Creative LED Screen also had to equally keep up. It was in action on stage with Marteria by order of Black Box Music, measuring more than 50m².

Thanks to a well-coordinated team and not least to the absolutely quick and easy handling of the ROE MC-18 LED Screen (as well as to two well-rested truck drivers and a lot of coffee) everything was ready in time when Marteria entered the stage for the second time on this unforgettable weekend.

The pictures on the right give a vague impression of the stage set of Marteria, and this YouTube video shows Marteria along with the ROE MC-18 Creative LED Screen live on stage at the Southside Festival 2015 - recorded by EinsPlus.  

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