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Miss Germany

One could now assume that the particular challenge during the Miss Germany contest at the Dome in the Europa Park near Rust was to take an adequate focus on the work at the sight of the 24 very pretty main protagonists, but this would sound unprofessional. To be serious, meanwhile for the second time, we were looking forward to this very special event, which our client Session has entrusted us since 2013. This is not only because of the optical views that are not common in this industry, but also because of the very pleasant cooperation with the Miss Germany Corporation and the Europa Park host family Mack. It was a positive atmosphere in the Dome during the event on February 8, 2014 and also during the preceding three days of rehearsal and construction, provided by numerous celebrities in the jury, such as Rainer Calmund, Roberto Blanco, Magdalena Brzeska as well as various show acts, including the German band Glasperlenspiel.

In 2014, we were equipped with a 3-camera direction, two tandem projections on two screens of each 18m², 4 x 80"LCD displays and a backstage equipment with multiple LCD displays to provide an uninterrupted supply of suitable funky image editing to the approximately 1,000 invited guests. The mood onsite was already terrific and we could provide with the final optic polish.

Like in the previous year, in 2014 as well, we streamed the video and audio signal to the servers of Bild.de, so numerous viewers worldwide could follow the show live and free of charge and above all could cheer on the exciting moment of the decision for Miss Germany 2014.

Especially with such live events, it is important that the interdisciplinary interaction of the various cross-sector service providers runs smoothly, which again was the case this year. 

Below you see images of the rehearse 2015. This February we even had additionally a LED wall in the stage background: 

Wir danken Markus Gaa, Fotodesign Heidelberg, für die schöne Fotodokumentation unserer Technik anlässlich der Miss Germany Wahl im Europapark Rust.

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