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"Pure Lebensfreude!" (Pure joie de vivre!) The tour name says it all

You are either completely into it and are sure to have a good time or you feel the urge to jump through the closed windows. Only very few styles of music polarize to the extent of the Schlager (traditional German pop songs).

However, after having experienced Beatrice Egli live on stage – her performance and charisma together with her enticing music – you will have to admit ungrudgingly that there is actually more to the Schlager than meets the ear. Last but not least, it is simply 'pure joie de vivre' - as is the name of the Beatrice Egli tour -  kicking off on 1st November 2014 in Cologne and drawing to a close three months later on 31st January  2015 in Leipzig.

Apart from the opening night in the Cologne, the metropolis on the Rhine, other venues took place in cities like Hanover, Munich, Kiel, Rostock, or our neighbouring Mannheim.

We are pleased to have contributed to a successful presentation of the stage set with our LED wall technology. Thus, creatively arranged 12 m² of our 8mm modules and 24 m² of the 6mm modules  were in use at every performance and highlighted each Egli song with a matching visualization: creative patterns and animation, pictures or even live recordings of the artist herself and her band created an appealing and varied atmosphere (see photos).

Many thanks to Alex Schad from session pro for this contract and of course to Beatrice Egli for putting us in a good mood dozens of times!

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