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Out of nowhere the house front (or the castle ruins,...) shines in the brightest of colors and shapes. But not just that, but precisely tailored to the local conditions. The (usually several) projectors illuminate the screen, use structures or natural elements of the environment as a canvas. Now the mapping comes into play:

In the windows it is dark, but suddenly flames blaze up in the building! Ghosts haunt past the windows while a dancer appears on the balcony and moves to imposing, monumental music. Only shortly after with a loud bang, he turns into a bird and flies away burning. All that is followed by stone sculptures which have been morphing from the smooth house wall as a perfect 3D rendering.



All this is possible with mapping and a cleverly customized content production. Individual projections and unique local occurrences are measured and precisely included in the planning of the film production. Positions and timing are calculated fo conjure a wonderful illusion which none of your visitors will ever forget.

Create deep impressions which the guests will be talking about for a long time. Also note the amount of people for who this might be a unique experience and who will post their video records on Youtube. A certain viral effect is not excluded! Ideal in times where viral marketing is becoming increasingly important.

Check out the video examples in our YouTube chanel. We are happy to give you more detailed information in person.


Photos and video of Karlsplatz Mapping courtesy of:




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