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No matter how you call it – in the end you always get an unimaginable flood of data when digitally recording three-dimensional objects. And that is a good thing! For the more data, the more detailed and of higher-resolution are the results. Learn more about the workflow during 3D digitisation and why we are the perfect partner for you in all matters of digitising objects from a practical example given below.

The path to a 3D object ...

... can be laborious. The example on the left has been taken from a project focussing on the digitisation of a Torah scroll. The original scroll  (1)  already reveals of how many small details, shades and textures the sensitive scanning object consists.

A single scan does not do it however. The scroll is rescanned over and over again from various angles. The software prepares uncountable fragments in vastly different sizes from these scans, (2) polygons with texture data, etc. In extremely CPU-intensive work steps and with some manual intervention, by watching closely and applying dexterity, the digital version of the Torah scroll is put together piece by piece from the very best results with meticulous precision.

The result  (3) is definitely convincing and is now ready for most diverse applications. Just to name a few for which 3D digitisation is superbly suited:

  • Show your website visitors shop products or artefacts from all sides. This is even possible interactively, enabling the visitor to rotate the products as desired.
  • You are managing a museum or an exhibition? Continue coffering the original artefact safely behind glass and still offer your visitors the experience to observe the object all-around, rotating it at will. For instance, by using an info column and a  LCD touch display.
  • Present obtained data again three-dimensionally – via hologram. You can easily implement small table-sized versions with Dreamoc. For stage-size holograms we would like to recommend the Eyeliner to you.

You have your own ideas and would like to talk with us about their implementation? We are gladly awaiting your Enquiry.

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