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Conference Technic – interpreter's booth, tour guide systems, conference telephones and more for rent

Conference hotels, town halls or even company events in general are just three of many examples, where there is always need for various equipment in the area of congress technology and conference technology. Flip charts, pin boards and graphic walls provide professional and clear presentations and a phone conference with business partners becomes a pleasure with a technically sophisticated conference phone. Our speaker's and interpreter's booth including simultaneous interpretation equipment leaves no more wishes open to hundreds of receivers in the hall thanks to great infrared radio equipment on multilingual events.


The tour guide system Synexis by Beyerdynamic provides excellent voice quality, comfortable transport and long battery life to the recipients. Or what about an audience response system? Get feedback and votings within seconds and increase the attention of your guests by making your conference to an interactive experience.

Lectern MK46 with integrated 46" display

  • Simple shapes, timeless, elegant design for maximum flexibility and purpose
  • Effect, design and functionality are 99% dependent on the content of the display for unlimited, creative effective possibilities and individual adjustment
  • Integrated 46" Samsung ME46C LCD display
  • Color: black
  • 2 x XLR sockets for optional gooseneck microphones
  • Base plate: 65 x 50 cm, desk plate: 65 x 40 cm
  • Height: 111 cm in the front, 106 cm in back (inclined desk top)
  • Weight: 33 kg including display, 71 kg transport weight (in roll case 110 x 47 x 85 cm)

PDF Download Lectern MK46 brochure


Audience Response System SunVote EA4000T & Reply Interact

  • Polls, votings and meanings of the present live audience directly imported into Powerpoint and presented as graphical diagrams
  • single- and multiple choice option
  • handy and lightweight sender in credit card size (Reply® Interact)
  • up to 2000 votings in less than 18 seconds
  • transmitter with LCD display
  • Wi-Fi technology

PDF Download Reply® Interact brochure   +further information


Portable Interpreter Booth Audipack Silent 9300MKII

  • modular, easy to mount interpreter booth suitable for 2 persons
  • to assemble by just one person
  • complies with the ISO 4043 norm for mobile interpreter booths
  • including table and 2 cable ducts
  • light grey (Audipack code 871)

PDF Download Audipack Silent 9300MKII   +further information


Bosch Complete DCN Integrus System

  • The complete communication system for usage with the interpreter booth
  • interpreter console
  • INT-TX Integrus sender
  • Infrared emitter for optimal mobility of the listeners
  • pocket receivers with 32 channels, easy to switch
  • best audio quality

PDF Download Bosch Integrus System   +further information


Bosch DICENTIS Conference System DCNM-DE

  • 4.3 inch capacitive touch screen
  • built-in NFC reader for fast recognition of participiants
  • configurable as a single participiant, dual-use, or chairperson's device
  • wired LAN version (no WLAN functionality)
  • server software on a laptop

PDF Download Bosch DICENTIS conference system (LAN model)


Beltpack transmitter Beyerdynamic Synexis TP8 / TS8 / RP8

  • UHF beltpack transmitter TP8: 18 frequencies, OLED display, Aux-In, 4-pin mini-XLR, incl. antenna, rechargable batteries
  • stationary transmitter  TS8: 9,5" metal housing, 18 frequencies, OLED Display, speaker out, TNC antenna connection
  • beltpack receiver RP8: 18 frquencies, OLED display, speaker out 3,5mm mini jack socket, integrated antenna, rechargable batteries

PDF Download Beyerdynamic Synexis TP8 / TS8 / RP8   +further information


RF stereo listening system Sennheiser Set 840 s

  • Ideal for hearing aid wearers
  • boosted stereo sound in the ear
  • selectable hearing settings ensure perfect speech intelligibility
  • lithium polymer battery for up to 9 hours continuous use
  • with just 50 gramm high wearing comfort over long periods
  • signal also transmits through walls
  • RF wireless up to 100m (300ft) distance

PDF Download Sennheiser SET 840 S


Neuland Pin boards, FlipCharts and GraphicWalls

Find here at us, the official partner of Neuland for rental products:

Please check "Neuland Pinboards & more" and the Price list PDF

Conference telephone Konftel 300W

  • Wireless conference telephone
  • Rechargeable battery with up to 60 hours speaking time
  • Recording on SD card  possible
  • Supports GAP and can be integrated into DECT systems

PDF Download Konftel 300W

ELMO L-12iD document camera / visualizer

  • Perfect and comfortable presentation of any kind of document or object
  • 12 x optical zoom, to focus even on small details
  • HDMI in- and output, VGA
  • camera head 360° rotatable, arm slewing and adjustable in height
  • USB
  • remote control
  • LED lighting unit in case of dark environment
  • 800 x 800 pixels, 30 fps

PDF Download ELMO L-12iD Visualizer

    Liesegang trainer special HR

    • Overhead projector

      As with all other products in our rental park, following also applies to conference technic:

      In case you should not have found your favored equipment or products in the required configuration, no matter if you have general or specific questions regarding our conference technic like the interpreter booth, interpreter technic, tour guide systems and so on, please contact us.

      We will certainly find the right solution for your request.


      When it comes to hiring conference technic like translator technics, tour guide systems and many more we are the right contact for you!


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