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Intercom System at its finest: Riedel Tango TNG-200 – The first entirely network-based Communication Platform

Whether it is about a small or big event, if it is 'only' about communication between director and a few cameramen or if it is required to reconcile entire subsections, possibly even including security forces, paramedics, police, fire brigade, organizers etc.: Grouped communication by means of a reliable, flexible and exceedingly comfortable intercom system is the connecting link which keeps all components of an event together. Thanks to the innovative intercom system Tango TNG-200 this is no problem at all.


Master Station Riedel Tango TNG-200 ...

... forms the heart of the Riedel intercom system, which operates entirely network-based (according to communication standards AES67 and AVB). The possibilities of software-based configuration  (using drag & drop and 3D view) provide maximum flexibility and an enormous spectrum of possible applications of all imaginable event scenarios – ensuring maximum operating convenience. The high-resolution TFT colour display on the front ensures good readability at all times and intuitive adjustment of presets, volumes etc.

The asymmetrical arrangement of 40 input and 80 output channels is another Riedel innovation, providing first-class  stereo-audio connection to Riedel panels.

The Tango TNG-200 intercom platform is furnished with two integrated partylines, two AES67 and AVB compatible network ports, two Ethernet ports, one option slot, and one redundant power supply. Tango TNG-200 spec sheet


Smartpanel RSP-2318

The Riedel Smartpanel RSP-2318 was designed as a multifunctional user interface, which makes it universally unique in this form. The Smartpanel - measuring only 1 HE - is equipped with three high-resolution colour touch displays, 18 buttons, first-class stereo-audio and an amazing scope of functions readily extendable via various Apps – such as, for example, an intelligent and innovative intercom panel. RSP-2318 spec sheet

  • Volumes individually adjustable
  • Smartphone integration
  • AES67, AES3 and AVB communication standards
  • 2 USB ports, 2 Ethernet ports, GPIO, option slot, audio I/O, SD card slot, gooseneck microphone (detachable), HDMI output
  • Low installation depth


Riedel Partyline Performer C3 – digital Beltpack

Hiring Riedel's digital Beltpack (and/or headset station) Performer C3 means, you are in for an ergonomically designed, fully digital two channel intercom Beltpack. Naturally, you will find all the features already known to you from analogous Beltpack systems, like e.g. daisy chaining. 

The digital audio quality of the Riedel Performer C3 convinces with a noise-free performance. Due to DSP signal processing, you obtain an excellent voice quality and perfect side-tone adjustment. Two big, well-placed control knobs guarantee an intuitive and comfortable operation of the Riedel Performer C3 Intercom Beltpack. Partyline Performer C3 Manual

  • 3 XLR connectors for signal input, headset and loop-through
  • Loop-through can be used as additional analogous program audio input
  • Light call via call button to all devices connected per daisy-chain
  • Momentary and latching mode by simply pressing a button


Hytera handheld Transceiver PD685

The Hytera PD685 handheld transceiver is most inspiring by its compact and robust design alone.  Only 27 mm thick and a 310 g lightweight, it allows for relaxed working, also during long periods of use, facilitated by the implemented battery with an operating time of at least 16 hours.

The Hytera PD685 may be operated either in TDMA direct mode or in pseudo trunking, which makes for a better exploitation of the frequency spectrum.

We counteract the increasing spectrum scarcity of DMR radio systems by occupying this spectrum  of available bandwidth using twice the number of channels. The frequency ranges from 400 MHz to 527 MHz (UHF).

In accordance with ETSI radio standard, DMR supports PD685 conventional DMR operation and may additionally be operated analogously. 

  • Optional man-down alarm function
  • Expansion interface for applications
  • Lending functions
  • Encryption algorithm ARC4 (40 bit) according to DMRA. Optional AES128 and AES256.
  • Spec Sheet Hytera PD685


Radio Interface RiFace G2 and digital Mobile Phone MD785

Riedel's radio interface RiFace G2 is the frame (no illustration) into which one or two radio devices are inserted (Illustration on the right: Hytera MD785) in order to connect wired communications equipment with radio systems.

Riedel's RiFace G2 is a 19"/2HE interface, with improved status displays, a slot for option card and a processor logic with VOX sensors to control both radio devices (see right side). RiFace G2 operates in simplex mode: the call direction is changed by sender upsampling. Operation takes place alternately in transmission and reception range (two-way communication). However, semi-duplex mode is also possible. Spec sheet Riedel RiFace G2

Hytera MD785 (see right side) is a digital mobile phone with versatile functions and excellent voice transmission. It facilitates digital and analogous operating modes, using twice the number of channels of available bandwidth, thus significantly defusing the increasing spectrum scarcity. Read more about the highlights of  Hytera MD785 in the spec sheet


Hytera Repeater RD985

When it comes to multicellular conventional DMR radio networks, the Hytera RD985 Repeater is the right choice. It was designed according to ETSI standard for DMR and fascinates with its ergonomic design, great reliability and excellent digital features – for intercom systems meeting the highest demands. Spec sheet Hytera Repeater RD985


Hire the just the right headsets for the occasion: Riedel AIR and Riedel MAX

The optimal headsets particularly developed for the entire Riedel Intercom system perfectly top off your event. You have the choice between the Riedel Air D1 system (see photo on the left) and the Riedel MAX D2 (see photo on the right). Both headset systems have in common that they are extremely comfortable to wear due to the lightweight materials used in combination with excellent sound qualities. Thanks to their pivotable microphone arms, you can decide yourself which ear you leave open (AIR) and/or on which side you would like to place the microphone. The dynamic microphones have excellent noise cancelling properties, ensuring good speech intelligibility even during very noisy events. The MAX series convinces moreover with its excellent noise dampening characteristics, providing additional comprehensive hearing protection.



Technicians for Tango TNG-200 Intercom System

The variety of technical components of the Riedel Tango TNG-200 Intercom System may be somewhat confusing at first glance. Therefore we would like to point out once again that our competent technicians are also for hire.  

Please contact us, we will gladly assist you.


If you should have further questions regarding the intercom system Riedel Tango, please don't hesitate to contact us

In addition to the Tango TNG-200, RSP-2318, Performer C3, Hytera PD665, and the Repeater RD985 you will find even more intercom technology here or take a look at our current rental price list.

Although we refer to our 'rental park' here (dry hire), you can, of course, book competent staff for assembly and dismantling or an event manager additionally to all our products and equipment, not only for Tango TNG-200 or the intercom systems in general. 

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