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Hire Neuland EuroFlip® flipcharts

You are looking for premium flipcharts for your event, meeting, your conference or your workshop? Thus your search ends here, because with the Neuland EuroFlip® you will find everything of importance required for a successful presentation or compilation when using a flipchart. 

Since 1st January 2017, we are the official Neuland partner for rental products, which goes to show you primarily how convinced we are of Neuland products because they are thought out down to the last detail. Secondly, it proves Neuland’s trust in our top-notch service as a hirer, established throughout many years and including the technical field as well, e.g. Conference equipment.


Straightforward assembly, practical features – the Neuland flipchart EuroFlip® is convincing

Already the handling of the 7kg lightweight Neuland flipchart makes for an enjoyable kick-off of the conference. With its felt cloth laminated board surface made of rigid foam, the EuroFlip® allows for considerable weight reduction and moreover, provides the option to be used also as a mini pin board. Pen or marker shelf, specialized paper holder with movable pins, tear-off cap, and crib holder provide for smooth handling and pleasant working.

The Neuland EuroFlip® may be assembled and disassembled completely tool-free. Furthermore, it  consists of only one element, dispensing with loose individual parts, making assembly ever so manageable without the risk of parts getting lost in the process. 

With the Neuland EuroFlip® flipchart you definitely hire not only extremely practical and comfortable working equipment but also reliable quality with a timeless and elegant design.


Hiring Neuland flipcharts made easy

Depending on how many Neuland EuroFlip® flipcharts you would like to hire, we offer various packaging and transport options. Very small quantities will certainly be managed easiest by using our practical Neuland pin board and flipchart carry bags (not shown here).  In case of medium large flipchart rental enquiries, rollable flight cases (see above),  providing space for 5 Neuland EuroFlip® flipcharts each would be appropriate. Ideally for large quantities, Euro palettes accommodating approx. 15-20 Neuland EuroFlip® flipcharts per palette are available.

As with all our products you have the choice here to either pick up your hired EuroPin® flipcharts yourself or have them delivered by us. The same applies to the assembly of flipcharts on location: Naturally, you have the option to additionally book the assembly carried out by us.

It might possibly be an advantage if you inform us upfront about local conditions in case they are particularly tricky (e.g. no elevator or only a very small one etc.) when placing your order or enquiring about flipchart rentals.


Neuland flipchart accessories and consumables

Being the official Neuland partner for rental products, we also offer you of course a wide range of Neuland flipchart paper, markers, pins, moderation cards, and much more. These articles are available for purchase and are described in detail in our Price list for Neuland rental products.

Please note that when hiring Neuland EuroFlip® flipcharts, flipchart paper or other accessories are not included in the hire but may be explicitly and optionally obtained from us.


Hire flipcharts now

You would like to hire Neuland EuroFlip® flipcharts directly?

Here you will find the Price list for Neuland rental products.

Please call us at (+49) (0) 6202-127550, send your fax enquiry at (+49) (0) 6202-127555 or send us a note, including the following information:

  • Specify rental articles and their quantity
  • Would you like to purchase optional items (paper, pins for pin boards, marker,...)
  • Date/number of operating days
  • Postcode/location of event
  • Delivery/pick up, assembly/disassembly required? If yes, specify days

You still have questions regarding our Neuland flipcharts? Please contact us.

In addition to Neuland flipchart EuroFlip® you will find further Neuland rental products or more Conference equipment here or take a look at our current Price list for Neuland rental products.

Even if we are talking about ‘rental park’ here (dry hire), you can of course book the equivalent staff for the assembly and disassembly of all our products additionally, not only when hiring Neuland flipcharts.

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